Reasons to Leave Teeth Whitening Matters in the Hands of a Pro – Waukegan, IL

People who are aiming to achieve a camera-ready smile may come across the recommendation of cosmetic dentistry procedures. This particular branch of dentistry is focused on enhancing the appearance of a person with the added benefit of improving their overall wellness. One type of cosmetic dental procedure that gained high popularity is teeth whitening.

Over the years since its accidental discovery – where it was found out that rinses with hydrogen peroxide content for gum disease treatments can whiten the teeth – various kits and products emerged. Due to the wide selection available, some patients are now confused about which one is the best to use. The problem is, more and more people are being enticed by store-bought kits and its promises of effective whitening at lower costs. The unfortunate part is, even dentists discourage the use of such products due to the possible dangers they bring.

Teeth Whitening

At Waukegan Family Dental, we aim to provide our patients with only the best oral health care services. Aside from keeping their teeth, gums, and jaws in excellent condition, we also wish our patients to avail of the ideal options to make their smiles more beautiful. We offer teeth whitening treatments with the touch of a professional to guarantee four to eight shades whiter smile. To convince patients of availing professional whitening than using OTC kits, here are the reasons we prepared.

  • Over-the-counter (OTC) products follow the concept of one size fits all. As a result, the strips and trays can be too big or small for the patient’s mouth. The danger in this is, the whitening solution used can ooze out of the device and irritate the soft tissues.
  • Store-bought products can only have a limited amount of whitening agents as regulated. Brands follow this rule to ensure the safety of consumers, however, since there is a lesser amount of hydrogen peroxide content, not every product can deliver the promised results. On the other hand, whitening solutions that can be provided by dental practitioners have higher content that can show immediate results in even a single session.
  • Aside from being more effective, the results with professional teeth whitening are expected to last longer. But this would be even more possible if the patient takes part of the aftercare. Limiting the intake of intense colored substances, practicing proper oral hygiene and scheduling routine visits should be observed.

With professional teeth whitening, patients are ensured to have a bright smile in no time!
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